Lynne Sisak

Lynne Sisak brings a unique perspective to Alignment Strategies. Her 10 years of hands-on hospital management experience is complemented by 13+ years as an independent consultant specializing in applying quality principles, and providing training and facilitation to hospitals, medical associations and pharmaceutical organizations.

Prior to joining the Alignment Strategies team, Lynne provided consulting services at the Juran Institute for five years. During this period, Lynne focused her expertise on integrating quality into business management process, Six Sigma process improvement, key performance measures and their predictions, and implementing Six Sigma design and process control methodologies at both the Black Belt and Green Belt levels.

Lynne has worked with numerous industries such as health care, manufacturing, software development, aerospace, mining, finance, logging, pulp and paper as well as several provincial and federal government agencies. Lynne has been a guest lecturer at several colleges and Universities in Ontario. She received a BSc degree in Biology, a management certificate from the University of Edinburgh, is a registered nurse, and is fluent in both French and English.

As an Associate with Alignment Strategies, Lynne assists clients to infuse quality into all strategy, operations and people processes, ensuring consistency and alignment across the organization.