Our Associates

Madeleine Lamothe draws on more than 20 years of progressive, successful experience delivering business solutions that align organizational processes.

Gerald N. Lamothe has more than 25 years experience in high growth, fast-paced environments providing solutions that align organizational processes with customer-focused expectations.

Dan Laplain has over 30 years of progressive experience, and is a recognized expert in developing, marketing and delivering quality management and process improvement initiatives.

Lynne Sisak 10 years of hands-on hospital management experience, and 13+ years as an independent consultant specializing in applying quality principles and providing training and facilitation to hospitals, medical associations and pharmaceutical organizations.

Heinz Kraus is an operations executive with over 30 years experience in the areas of Process Management, Quality Management, Supply Management and Technical Training in both manufacturing and service industries.

Henry Reader teaches and coaches cost and variation reduction approaches, including Lean Enterprise and Six-Sigma techniques, at all levels of the client organization. He also has hands on experience of design and implementation of Quality Management Systems including ISO 9000:2000.

Chris Anderson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Financial Services industry following 18 years in senior management positions at RBC Financial Group.

David Vincent combines a performance and results-focused orientation with accomplished skill in assisting all levels of an organization to understand and work effectively through and with transformational change.