Who We Are

The Organization

We are focused on the requirements of our clients and finding innovative ways to meet their expectations. Learn more about our Company History.

The People

We are trained, skilled and capable of guiding our clients through organizational change by transferring skills and knowledge to our clients' employees. Learn more about Our Associates.

Value to our Clients

We are focused on creating value for our clients as demonstrated through tangible business results.

Alignment Strategies provides a team of seasoned consultants working together to deliver results-driven solutions to execute organizational strategies. Our proven and systematic methodology enables organizations to acquire knowledge, tools, and human capabilities to achieve lasting strategic
alignment and operational excellence. This integrated, flexible approach links strategy, operations, and people to measurable business results to gain competitive advantage.

An effective infrastructure lays the foundation for the implementation of Six Sigma, Lean or other improvement methodologies. Effective infrastructures are based on the strategic execution and deployment. That is, ensuring the
training is linked to tangible business results. Managing a Six Sigma or Lean initiative requires an Infrastructure which includes management direction, project performance reviews, measurement targets and people skills and knowledge development.