Strategy Process

“Is our strategy the best it can be for optimizing the organization & Creating Excellence?”

Strategy is based on developing an on-going awareness of the Changing Marketplace, Customer Demands, and Competitive Moves. Strategic objectives and plans are often grounded in growth expectations and greater productivity.

Linking people to strategy is key to meeting these objectives:

  • What is the overall level of understanding of the objectives?
  • What are the current measures of performance?
  • Are people connected or linked to the company’s strategy?

Alignment Strategies can assist your Executive Management Team to isolate the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy execution plan, and identify the steps necessary to cultivate change in operating processes, culture and behaviour to achieve alignment to strategic goals.

Strategy Maps are a critical tool to visually represent the organization's strategy and the processes and systems necessary to implement that strategy and enable employees to see how their work is linked to the organization's overall objectives.