Operations Process

“Are our processes and the ways in which we deal with patients and the community linked to our optimization strategy?”
Today's Senior Executives want to know that their entire organization is aligned to and progressing towards achieving its strategic objectives. Linkage is key. Research indicates that only 10% of strategic plans are actually deployed successfully. Failure occurs when strategic direction is not linked with management’s initiatives and action plans for process improvement or with people accountabilities and capabilities.

  • What steps are being taken to grow the top line?
  • What key processes are being worked on?
  • How do current efforts enhance value from the customer's perspective?
  • What sharing/leveraging of strengths is taking place across the enterprise?
  • What economies of scale are being realized?

The Balanced Scorecard is a tool that translates the organization's mission and strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures and targets and provides the framework for the organization's strategic measurement and management system. Thus, managers can measure performance. A Balanced Scorecard results in Metrics that:

  • Aligns people and their work to strategic objectives
  • Effectively communicates strategic direction to the whole organization
  • Provides for decision making and problem solving
  • Drives continuous improvement project opportunities

When a part of the organization does not achieve those required targets, various initiatives are launched. This responds to the question: What do we need to do? Focus on those limited Initiatives which will meet the Strategic Improvement Goals.

To remain current and competitive, companies must continuously reengineer, redesign and improve processes.

To remain current and competitive, companies must continuously re-engineer, redesign and improve processes. Over the years, Total Quality Management and Business Process Reengineering were viewed as part of the same continuum – managing processes to achieve Operational Excellence. The next wave of Process Management is creating a “process-oriented organization design.”

Alignment Strategies can help you select and implement the most appropriate improvement methodology, including:

  • Lean Techniques
  • Six Sigma
  • ISO
  • Re-engineering and Process Redesign
  • Design for Six Sigma