What We Do

Alignment Strategies links strategy, operations, and people processes to ensure bottom line profits.

Driving growth and profitability, reducing costs, minimizing employee turnover, developing leadership talent or improving customer loyalty and retention. Whatever the issue facing your business, Alignment Strategies links your people, operations and business strategy to deliver results - tangible, measurable, lasting results.

Alignment Strategies provides an integrated approach to waste reduction / elimination, process improvement, and financial growth. We can work with you to translate your business strategies into business results. We weave Excellence into the DNA of your Business.

Today's Senior Executives want to know that their entire organization is aligned to and progressing towards achieving its strategic objectives.

Linkage is the key. Research indicates that only 10% of strategic plans are actually deployed successfully. Failure occurs when strategic direction is not linked with management's initiatives and action plans for process improvement or with people accountabilities and capabilities.

Alignment Strategies offers a change methodology enabling an organization to acquire knowledge, tools, and human capabilities to achieve strategy execution and operational excellence.

It links strategy, operations, and people processes to ensure bottom line profits.

Strategy Deployment

95% of the typical workforce does not understand their organization's strategy

Operations Process

31% indicated they were doing an excellent job at managing the operations process

People Capability

How people feel about working at a company -- can account for 20% - 30% of business performance